speakers in my sneakers!!

speakers in my sneakers!!
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Where did the idea first originate?

one sunday after-noon I was sat in my bedroom day-dreaming, doodling in my sketch book, this is the kind of thing that I enjoy doing with my free time, I have a very keen interest in writing and coming up with big crazy idea’s – I would say that I am incredibly creative to some extent , sometimes my idea’s work and sometimes they don’t, when they don’t… it doesn’t mean ‘fail’ it just means i can come back to it in the future and improve it, everything has potential to become better and improved! anything that’s broken can be fixed. =) so on that fine SundaY afternoon i decided to let my creativity run wild, i didn’t have a plan as to what i was going to draw, spontanious and random-ness is the way to flow… after what felt like hours of doodling i found myself designing shoes… lot’s of different types of shoes, from high heels, cowboy boots, trainers, to something more specific.. hi-tops, red, blue, white, hot pink.. then i added style, lot’s of strange designs from firey raging flames/cool waves with urban graffiti slogans…then it just hit me… what are these hi-tops missing? what would really give them an edge? other than the features it already has?… speakers!! yes! – speakers in my sneakers – a boombox ? really?! is that even possible? – well why not, because if we really think about it… didn’t we once have shoes with flashing lights?? and shoes with wheels?, trainers with shox/suspension.. so why not a boombox attached to a hi-top, i-walk – speakers in my sneakers!

What is speakers in my sneakers?
speakers in my sneakers is basically a hi-top with added oomph! A boombox speaker on each side of the shoe, a small disc tray inserted inside of the shoe which slides out when touched giving you the opportunity to place a tiny disc in, the shoe would have to have stereo control such as volume control, stop, play, power on/off, and even fm radio frequency , built in ariel, shoe could have shock resistance, water resistance, re-charge-able batteries, surround sound! (Imagine stepping to the beat of your own feet!)
Additional idea – sat-nav!! 🙂 let your feet take you to ur desired destination.

why would the idea fit ?
I personally love the idea! I believe it would fit because it’s different, unique, creative and exciting, I mean imagine street dancing to the sound of your feet, you have music at your feet, exercising/partying/ a party can happen anywhere, you are a walking stereo 🙂 like ipod/iphone/ ‘i-walk _speakers in my sneakers’
putting the beat into your step!! Shoe step!

Being the very curious person I am, I did some research on this, because I wondered whether this idea of a boombox in a shoe already been thought of, it came to my attention that it has infact been thought of but only as a personal stereo player for your home entertainment- part of the amazing techno gadgets list (http://cubeme.com/blog/), my idea relates to this – what a coincidence!, but a hi-top trainer that we can wear with a boombox attached to it, doesn’t yet exist..! Maybe this could be the new ideal shoe in years to come… 🙂

whether this idea was a perfect fit or you have an even better suggestion, then please share your thoughts @ https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=130866153832&ref=tS

i look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

blogger_girl funkay 😉
Kayleigh merchant.


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